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Refer players to JungleRaja and get up to 50% revenue share!


Get paid according to your customers' performance.


Get paid within 10 business days with no negative carry over.


JungleRaja Affiliates offers you an incredibly generous, straightforward and no-nonsense plan: up to 50% commission from the revenues (rake) your referrals generate on our website FOR LIFE.

You read that right! As long as your players keep depositing and playing on our games, you will be making up to 50% cut from those revenues. So, just sit back and watch the money roll in!

From the start, you receive a guaranteed 30% commission that can be increased up to 40% revenue share for decent traffic and up to 50% for impressive results!

No Negative Carryover

At JungleRaja Affiliates, we want to promote a prosperous relationship to make sure that, you as an affiliate and our partner, is able to grow your bankroll continuously without having to worry about negative carryover month by month.

To put it simply, any month where you end up with a negative balance, we will reset your balance to zero the following month, this way you can continue to make money as soon as possible! So, instead of having to pay off an existing negative balance with your new revenues, you will be ready to profit from your referrals in the following month immediately. Since we are taking care of your negative balance every month, there is virtually no risk for you, a real win-win situation!

Join us and receive your cut!

Here, at JungleRaja Affiliates, we run a tight ship to ensure strong trust between us, our customers and our affiliates. Rest assured, there will be no scams, predatory schemes or hidden clauses; what you see is what you get. Go to our JungleRaja Affiliate Terms & Conditions page and see for yourself!


JungleRaja Affiliates would like to do our very best at providing our affiliates with the best tools, resources, and marketing materials possible to ensure that they are able to successfully refer as many people as possible. After all, with more referrals comes more money for you!

We have a great selection of professionally created graphics, gifs, banners, HTML5 and other eye-catching materials you can use to improve the rate of your successful referrals. Text links, advice,and promotional materials will also be available to our affiliates to help them market the JungleRaja brand effectively.



Eye-catching promotions

To grab the attention of your potential referrals and increase your referral rate, we recommend for you to use flashy, eye-catching banners, gifs and other such materials provided by us which attract attention to our running promotions or bonuses aimed at getting players to sign up and deposit. These banners will be updated as often as possible to reflect our current running promotions or deals. After all, who wouldn’t be enticed by a good deal?

Popular game-themed banners and promotions

We know that certain games on our site will be more popular than others and therefore will be better at attracting potential referrals. We will be constantly updating this information and provide our affiliates with the graphics which will best promote the most popular games and the best deals and promotions which are currently available.








48 Hrs


About JungleRaja Affiliates

We, at JungleRaja, believe in a culture of integrity, fairness, and fortune, this is why we have created the JungleRaja Affiliate program. Through the affiliate program, you will partner with JungleRaja and receive rewards in the form of commissions for the traffic you direct our way.

A flat, no-nonsense 30% - 50% commission is what you can expect from the JungleRaja Affiliate program for revenue generated by the players who have been directed to our site by you.

JungleRaja believes that players who help the site grow ought to receive a cut for their efforts. In summary, as a JungleRaja Affiliate, the deal we have offered for you will be:

  • Up to 50% of the rake generated by players directed to our website by you
  • Fast payments
  • No negative carryover
  • Lifetime revenues

An online casino affiliate program allows third-party entities such as people or websites to refer and direct players to our website in exchange for a reward. In JungleRaja’s case a 30% - 50% commission on the revenue generated by players who have been successfully referred (i.e. players who have signed, deposited and played) to the online casino.

To become an affiliate, you must:

  • Fill in the signup form under ‘Sign up’ and click the submit button
  • You will then receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Click on the link to confirm your account
  • Once confirmed, you’ll be able to access your JungleRaja Affiliate account and start earning money immediately.

This is a summary of the affiliate program:

  • Submit the online application form and confirm your email address by clicking on the link we send you
  • Log into your affiliate account. Here, you will find resources that you may use to market our website
  • Refer people to our website by your own methods
  • Once people have been successfully referred to us, you will earn a 30% - 50% commission from their generated revenue (rake). You will receive your commission monthly on a timely basis!


This is very simple:

  • Sign Up to JungleRaja Affiliates
  • Log into your account. Here, you will have access to marketing resources
  • Refer players to our website and/or promote our website by any method you consider appropriate
  • Earn a 30% - 50% commission of the revenues generated by players that have successfully been referred to our website by you

To request a payment from JungleRaja Affiliates a minimum amount of 100 EUR needs to be requested.

Do not worry! JungleRaja Affiliates does not have any negative carryovers. This means that if you end up with a negative balance at the end of the month, the balance will be reset to zero at the beginning of the next month. This means there is more opportunity for our partnership to be profitable for you!

There is no limit as to when you will stop earning commission from your players! At JungleRaja Affiliates, we have a lifetime revenue deal for our affiliates. As long as your referred players are depositing in our site, playing and generating revenues, you will be guaranteed up to 50% cut of your player’s revenues. So, sit back and watch the money roll into your account.


To make receiving money as simple as possible, JungleRaja Affiliates offer it's affiliates a payment method via Bank Transfer or Crypto currencies.

To be paid, simply fill in your payment information in your JungleRaja Affiliate account and we will pay you your money in a fast and timely manner. No fuss!

JungleRaja Affiliates will transfer your requested payment from your commissions via Bank Transfer within 10 business days. This is much faster than any of our competitors and we want to make sure that our affiliates do not have to wait long amounts of time to receive their payment. After all, time is money!

Please note, the minimum sum that needs to be requested is 100 EUR (or equal converted amount in other currencies).

Account Management

  • Click on the ‘Forgot password’ link located below the login bar
  • Enter your email into the box
  • A password reset link will be sent to that email
  • Open that email and click on the link which should direct you to the password reset page, here you can reset your password and regain access to your account

Log into your JungleRaja Affiliates account and then click on the ‘My Account’ tab. Then click on ‘Account Details’ and then click on the ‘Edit’ button. Enter the details you wish to update/change and then click ‘Confirm.’

Tracking and Reporting

We will be using cookies to track your referred players. So basically, when anyone clicks on your banners or a link which has been provided by you, a tracking code which is embedded in it will notify our system when they arrive on JungleRaja.com. Once they sign up to JungleRaja.com, they will be considered a ‘successful referral’ and be registered as your player. You will earn money from this player as long as he deposits and keeps playing.

To view your reports, you must:

  • Log into the affiliate system
  • Click on ‘reports’
  • Then, select the report you would like to see

JungleRaja Affiliates would like to give you the most accurate and up-to-date data as possible. This is so you are able to see the data and make decisions with the most correct information. Data such as the views and clicks you receive from your referral campaigns will be updated to almost real-time speeds and other stats such as net revenue share and new depositing players will be updated daily.

Marketing and Promotional Resources

JungleRaja Affiliates wants to make sure our affiliates are getting the best promotional and marketing materials possible so that you can make more successful referrals. These will include:

  • Gif banners
  • Text links
  • Promotional banners of different sizes you can easily embed on different advertising spaces online

Please remember to embed your code tracking code to the ads or outgoing links.

Yes, the material you will be using to promote our website will be under our copyright. Please feel free to use them to promote JungleRaja in any way you deem appropriate as long as they comply with our terms and conditions.

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